Are In Ground Trampolines Safer? (Described for Everyone)

are in ground trampolines safer

Falling off of a trampoline that is above ground will hurt more and cause more damage than bouncing off of a low-traction surface. The best way to avoid injury is to be aware of your surroundings. This will give you a better idea of what is going on around you and will help you avoid getting hurt.

Do you need a net around an inground trampoline?

Safety nets on inground trampolines are not required, but are strongly recommended. Approximately 50% of buyers purchase inground trampolines without a safety net.

What is the safest type of trampoline?

Trampolines with netting around their perimeters tend to be safer, as the netting prevents users from accidentally jumping out. If your model doesn’t include netting, you can buy the same model without it.

Some models include a safety harness, which can be attached to the bottom of the pole to prevent the user from falling. If you don’t want to use a harness but still want the ability to jump out of a pole, some models come with a parachute.

Why do people put their trampolines in the ground?

It is safe to use. In-ground trampolines are safer than normal trampolines because they are not raised above the ground. Parents have peace of mind when they let their kids loose on an in- ground trAMPOLINE. Trampoline safety is important to us. We want our kids to be safe and healthy, and we want them to have fun.

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