Can One Clean Their Chimney Themselves While Maintaining Their Insurance Coverage?

Posted on Dec 6, 2023 at 8:02 am by James T

A good functioning and optimal safety of your heating system largely depends on the cleanliness of your chimney flue. Whether it is a wood, gas, or coal installation, it is important to perform regular maintenance to prevent the risks of fire and intoxication.

A dirty chimney is not only dangerous, but even a slight buildup can affect its efficiency and its ability to ensure a clean and efficient combustion. Thus, there are several methods to guarantee proper maintenance of your chimney. Do not hesitate to inform yourself about ingenious tips for recycling the ashes from your chimney.

Chemical sweeping: a complementary solution

This type of sweeping does not replace mechanical sweeping, but it is useful for eliminating certain deposits in the flue. It consists of using a powder or a special log that partially dissolves the soot and other residues present in the flue.

  • However, be careful to clean your flues afterwards to remove any debris that could obstruct them.
  • It is also recommended not to consider this method as an alternative to traditional sweeping, as it is not sufficient to ensure a complete and effective maintenance of your chimney.

Mechanical sweeping: the traditional method

Also known as manual sweeping, this is the preferred method to ensure optimal cleanliness of the flues. It involves inserting a chimney brush into the flue and moving it up and down to dislodge the accumulated deposits and residues. This technique requires the intervention of a certified professional called a chimney sweep.


Only this type of sweeping ensures a safe and efficient use of your heating appliance. It is also mandatory according to French legislation, with an annual frequency for wood, coal, or oil installations, and every two years for those operating on gas.

The consequences of not complying with this obligation

If you do not comply with this requirement, you risk having to pay a fine of up to 450 euros. In addition, if a fire breaks out due to a lack of chimney maintenance, your insurer may refuse to compensate you if you are unable to provide a chimney sweeping certificate issued by a professional.

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Calling in an expert or trying it yourself?

Even if you are handy, it is strongly recommended to call in a professional to carry out this type of intervention. Indeed, mechanical sweeping requires technical knowledge and specific equipment. Taking the risk of doing it yourself can have detrimental consequences on the safety and performance of your heating system.

For reasons of economy or organization, it may be tempting to indulge in sweeping your stove or chimney yourself. However, even if it is technically feasible, it is important to note that a home sweeping will never be considered legally valid.

The advantages of calling in a professional

  • No risk of damage to the flue thanks to the use of appropriate tools and mastery of sweeping techniques.
  • A comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of your installation to prevent potential problems (carbon monoxide leaks, fire).
  • A quick and efficient intervention, with a guarantee of compliance with safety regulations.
  • The issuance of a mandatory chimney sweeping certificate, which covers you in the event of a disaster with your home insurance.

In summary, although some chimney maintenance methods can be performed by yourself, such as chemical sweeping, it is strongly advised to seek the services of a qualified professional to carry out mechanical sweeping and thus ensure a safe and optimal use of your heating appliance. Investing in regular chimney maintenance will not only save you additional costs in terms of repairs and energy, but also protect your home and its occupants.


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