12 Common Mistakes All Gardeners Make Before Winter Arrives: Learn How To Avoid Them.

Posted on Dec 3, 2023 at 6:03 pm by James T

As the winter season approaches, gardeners face a significant challenge: preserving the health and beauty of their outdoor space despite the harsh conditions. However, it is surprising to see how easy it is to make common mistakes that can compromise the vitality of your garden.

Error 1: Choosing the wrong mulch

Making an inappropriate choice of mulch is a common mistake made by gardeners in winter. Opting for inadequate mulch can compromise the protection of your plants against the cold and the enrichment of your soil. It is essential to prioritize organic mulch such as dead leaves or straw, as they preserve your plants from the cold while providing valuable nutrients to the soil.


Error 2: Ignoring the installation of a winter cover

The absence of a winter cover is a mistake frequently made by gardeners. However, this lightweight and breathable fabric offers effective protection against frost while allowing your plants to breathe. Ignoring this precautionary measure can result in damage to the plants.

Error 3: Premature pruning

Pruning trees and shrubs too early is another common mistake. It is crucial to wait for the leaves to fall before starting pruning. Early pruning exposes the wounds to the risk of frost, which can damage your plants.

Error 4: Late pruning

On the other hand, pruning your plants too late can also be problematic. Late pruning can result in the regrowth of branches just before winter, making them more vulnerable to low temperatures.

Error 5: Allowing dead leaves to accumulate

Neglecting to regularly pick up dead leaves is a common maintenance mistake. The accumulation of dead leaves can suffocate the lawn and promote the proliferation of pests. However, there are simple tricks to pick up the dead leaves from your garden without exerting yourself, allowing you to maintain an impeccable garden effortlessly.

Error 6: Improper positioning of potted plants

Incorrectly placing potted plants is another mistake to avoid. To limit the effects of the cold, it is recommended to position them against a wall or in a sheltered area.

Error 7: Ignoring the specific needs of Mediterranean plants

Failing to consider the specific needs of Mediterranean plants is a common mistake. These plants are less tolerant to cold and require appropriate protection, such as thick mulch or a winter cover.

Error 8: Forgetting to protect fragile bulbs

Forgetting to protect fragile bulbs can cause problems. Some bulbs, such as dahlias, need to be unearthed and stored away from frost during winter to avoid deterioration.

Error 9: Overwatering in winter

Overwatering in winter is a common mistake. Too much water can cause root rot, compromising the health of your plants.

Error 10: Neglecting to water potted plants

Neglecting to water potted plants is another mistake to avoid. Potted plants dry out faster than those in the ground, so it is essential to regularly provide them with water without drowning them.

Error 11: Failing to drain and insulate pipes

Omitting to drain and insulate pipes is a mistake that can lead to freezing problems and potential damage.

Error 12: Ignoring the protection of outdoor faucets

Finally, failing to protect outdoor faucets is a mistake to avoid. Wrapping the faucets in thermal insulation or a protective cover is essential to preserve them from freezing and potential damage.

By following these tips and avoiding common mistakes, you will increase your chances of preserving the beauty and health of your garden during the winter period.


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