December In The Garden: 10 Flowers To Plant For A Touch Of Color And Vibrancy

Posted on Nov 29, 2023 at 4:04 pm by James T

Gardening enthusiasts know well that even in the middle of winter, some plants continue to brighten up our gardens and interiors. Here is a selection of a few fascinating flowers and plants that deserve to be showcased during the month of December.

1/ Hibiscus: a tropical delight in winter

Hibiscus, also known as “Tree Mallow,” is a species of flowering shrub with various vibrant colors. These exotic flowers will bring a highly appreciated tropical touch during the winter months.

  • Remember to plant your hibiscus in well-draining soil to prevent water from stagnating.
  • Choose a semi-shaded location to protect the plant from strong sunlight.
  • Hibiscus can be regularly pruned to maintain its compact shape and promote flowering.

2/ Philodendron: the enduring beauty of a green plant

Originating from the Araceae family, the philodendron is a perennial plant that can reach up to 4 meters in height when mature. This superb indoor plant is distinguished by its large, shiny, and intricately patterned leaves, ideal for adding an exotic touch to our homes.


  • Philodendron is a plant that thrives in humid environments, so don’t hesitate to water it regularly.
  • Why not increase its humidity by placing a tray of water with pebbles under the pot and filling it with water to create a mini-greenhouse?

3/ Pothos: a lovely climbing plant with marbled foliage

This decorative plant is characterized by its fleshy, sparkling, and speckled leaves. Pothos does not tolerate direct sunlight well and therefore thrives particularly well in our interiors.


You can easily maintain your pothos by regularly pruning it lightly to promote its growth and give it a beautiful bushy appearance.

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4/ Amaryllis: a color enchantment to brighten up winter

Usually blooming during the winter months, amaryllis is a beautiful bulbous plant with large, spectacular flowers with six petals, available in several colors such as white, red, or pink.


Camellia: remarkable cold resistance

Belonging to the tea family (Theaceae), camellia is an evergreen flowering shrub that tolerates low temperatures very well. It can therefore bring a precious floral note during the month of December.


5/ Cistus: robust flowers for difficult soil

Cistus is a small shrub that grows in siliceous, calcareous, and dry soils. Its pink or white flowers appear between April and June, but its resilience allows it to continue beautifying our gardens in December.


Cistus plants are very hardy once established and require very little maintenance.

6/ Mahonia: colorful winter flowering

This beautiful shrub from the Berberidaceae family is characterized by its yellow flowers and grape-like clusters of red or blue fruits. Mock Orange: an explosion of white Also known as “orange blossom,” mock orange is a bushy shrub that belongs to the Hydrangeaceae family.


Thanks to its white rose-like flowers, this plant can add a touch of elegance to your garden in December.

7/ Rhododendron: delicate flowering despite its evergreen foliage

These spring-flowering shrubs, with delicate trumpet-shaped flowers in various colors, can also be planted in December to anticipate spring.


8/ Primroses: an astonishing and medicinal color palette

Native to Europe, primroses offer a great diversity of colors with their often bicolored petals. In addition to their beauty, these flowers also possess expectorant and diuretic properties.


Make sure your soil is moist and well-drained to allow your primroses to thrive.

9/ Cyclamen: delicate winter flowering

Cyclamen is a bulbous plant that is adorned with delicate butterfly-shaped petals. Available in different shades, from white to pink to red, these flowers bring a touch of grace to your winter garden.


Cyclamen thrives in well-drained soil and prefers to be placed in a cool and bright location.

10/ : Christmas Rose

Hellebore, also known as the “Christmas Rose,” is a perennial plant that blooms during the cold season. Its cup-shaped flowers, available in various colors, offer subtle beauty to your winter garden. It is said that Hellebore, also known as the “Christmas Rose,” is often considered the perfect winter plant.


Hellebore prefers shaded areas and tolerates cold temperatures well.

In conclusion, December can be an equally inspiring month for gardening with all these plants with unique characteristics. Do not hesitate to plant them at home to bring a touch of color and warmth to your winter daily life.


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