How To Effectively Winterize Fig Trees To Ensure Their Survival Until The Next Season.

Posted on Nov 28, 2023 at 6:03 am by Oliver C

Wintering fig trees is a crucial step for their survival and proper development. In order for your fig tree to pass the winter without any problems, it is necessary to choose a variety that is resistant to frost and provide it with a protected location. In this article, we will give you some tips for successfully wintering your fig tree in the ground and in pots.

Choosing the right variety and location

It is important to choose a frost-resistant variety of fig tree. Young fig trees generally do not tolerate frost well, so it is recommended to grow fruit trees in pots for the first two to three years. To ensure better protection against the cold, choose a sheltered location for your fig tree. Also consider soil drainage: to prevent water from stagnating and causing root rot, you can partially fill the planting hole with gravel or heat-retaining lava.

  • Frost-resistant varieties: Madeleine des Deux-Saisons, Goutte d’Or, Bordeaux, Pastilière…
  • Protected locations: southwest-facing wall, wind shelter…


Wintering fig trees in the ground

When the temperatures start to drop and the fig tree has lost all its leaves in autumn, it is time to think about protecting the trunk and branches. Here are some tips for successful wintering:

Protecting the trunk and branches

Use insulating materials such as firewood, straw, or reeds to surround the trunk and branches of your fig tree. It is also possible to use winter protection covers. If despite your efforts, some branches have frozen: prune them in spring to promote tree recovery.

Note that by following the appropriate pruning instructions, you will quickly notice a significant increase in the productivity of your fig tree.

Checking the tree’s health

Make sure your fig tree does not show any signs of diseases or pests before winter. If you notice any problems, treat them quickly to prevent them from worsening during the cold season.

  • Pests: scale insects, aphids…
  • Diseases: canker, anthracnose…

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Wintering fig trees in pots

Fig trees in pots are more sensitive to temperature variations, so they require additional protection.


In regions with mild winters, potted plants can remain outside during the winter months. Here are some tips to ensure their survival:

  • Elevate the pot to avoid direct contact with the cold ground.
  • Wrap the pot and branches with insulation: straw, winter protection covers…
  • Give it a location sheltered from wind and bad weather.


If you live in a region where temperatures regularly drop below -10°C, it is safer to bring your potted fig tree indoors. Here are some tips:

  • Place it in a cool (between 0 and 10°C) but bright room.
  • Reduce watering to a minimum, making sure the soil does not completely dry out.
  • Avoid rooms that are too warm, as they would cause premature vegetation restart.

By following these tips, you will allow your fig tree to pass the winter serenely and ensure a bountiful fig harvest the following year.


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