Exceptional Christmas Aid: How To Benefit From The 115 To 200 Euro Supplement Granted By CAF And Pôle Emploi.

Posted on Dec 15, 2023 at 10:03 am by Oliver C

The approach of the end-of-year holidays often comes with an increased need for financial support for many individuals and families. In this end of 2023, an exceptional increase in the Christmas bonus is coming to support single-parent families in difficulty.

Established by the government of Lionel Jospin in 1998 and unchanged since then, except during the 2008 crisis, this 35% increase concerns both recipients of the RSA and unemployed individuals registered with Pôle emploi.

Who are the beneficiaries of this increase?

The individuals affected by this 35% increase in the Christmas bonus are single-parent families, meaning those composed of a single parent with one or more dependent children.

Philippe Brun, the socialist deputy behind this measure, announced his intention to help these highly vulnerable families by significantly increasing the Christmas bonus, which until now had been capped at a minimum amount of €152.45.


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The amounts of the Christmas bonus according to family situation

For RSA recipients:

  • Couple without children: €228.67
  • Single person without children: €152.45
  • 1 child: Couple – €274.41 / Single person – €308.72
  • 2 children: Couple – €320.14 / Single person – €370.45
  • 3 children: Couple – €381.13 / Single person – €452.78
  • 4 children: Couple – €442.11 / Single person – €535.10
  • Per additional child: Couple +€60.98 / Single person +€82.32

In 2023, the amounts paid to single individuals with children are exceptionally increased by 35%, providing considerable assistance to these families in difficulty.

Christmas bonus for unemployed individuals (Pôle emploi):

  • Single person:
    • 1 child: €205.81
    • 2 children: €232.49
    • 3 children: €248.49
    • 4 children: €269.84
    • Per additional child: +€21.34
  • Flat rate for recipients of ASS and AER not affected by the increase for single-parent families: €152.45

Note that the 35% increase also applies to recipients of ASS and AER living alone with one or more dependent children.

How to obtain this exceptional Christmas bonus?

For RSA recipients, the 35% increase is granted automatically. Unemployed individuals registered with Pôle emploi will receive a notification asking them to contact their advisor in order to obtain a declaration on honor to fill out.

According to the instructions provided by Pôle emploi, the additional payment will be made after the submission of this declaration on honor accompanied by the CAF/MSA payment certificate for individuals receiving family benefits and a copy of the family record book.

Appreciable support for single-parent families in distress

This exceptional increase in the 2023 Christmas bonus therefore brings relief to the most deprived single-parent families, who are facing increasing difficulties in an uncertain and unstable economic context. A significant gesture for these households, often vulnerable, for whom every euro counts.


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