Heating, Insulation, Maintenance: 6 Tips For Staying Warm Without Spending A Fortune This Winter.

Posted on Nov 25, 2023 at 8:04 am by Oliver C

As winter approaches rapidly, heating bills can quickly rise. However, there are several tricks to reduce energy consumption and save money on gas, electricity, or oil bills during this period of inflation.

1/ Maintain a reasonable temperature

It is not necessary to heat all rooms in the house. Experts recommend maintaining a temperature of 19°C in occupied living areas and 17°C in unoccupied areas. In bedrooms, prioritize 17°C and 19°C for children’s bedrooms. Finally, in the bathroom, aim for 22°C when it is being used and 17°C when it is unoccupied.

2/ Close doors and shutters

Just like during the summer to block sunlight, shutters can serve as a barrier against the cold in winter. Closing doors between different rooms in the house also helps to better retain heat and avoid thermal losses. These small actions can lead to savings of around 15%.

  • Also, consider taking advantage of off-peak hours with a dual tariff system to achieve even more savings. Program your appliances to run during these hours to benefit from hot water at a lower cost.

3/ Maintain your boiler and radiators

To ensure optimal performance of your heating system, it is essential to perform regular maintenance. For this, you can set up a maintenance contract with professionals who will check and maintain your radiators and boiler.

  • Dusting radiators allows for better heat distribution.
  • When your installation is equipped with a heat pump, remember to regularly remove leaves around the outdoor unit and clean the air vents.


4/ Track air leaks

To better protect your home from the cold and retain heat, it is important to identify and address air leaks, which are often present in older homes, especially around windows and door frames. This step becomes even more crucial in the absence or in case of heating failure, as it helps maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment.

5/ Optimize the choice of space heaters

Facing the low temperatures of winter, one may be tempted to use a space heater to quickly warm up. However, some models can be energy-intensive and inefficient. Experts thus advise against oil space heaters, as they consume a lot of energy, pose a danger in terms of gas emissions, and carry a risk of fire if forgotten.

  • Prefer to opt for an oil-filled radiator or invest in a wood or pellet stove, which is much more economical and environmentally friendly.

6/ Carry out insulation work to maximize energy savings

To achieve significant savings and enhance comfort in your home, the best option is insulation. This also helps better protect your home from weather conditions and aging, while improving its energy label in case of rental or sale.

  • For example, you can replace your old electric heaters with radiant panels, exchange a gas boiler over 15 years old for a high-performance model, or change an old water heater for a thermodynamic or individual solar model.

Do not hesitate to consult experts before replacing your heating system to benefit from the latest information and choose the most suitable solution for your situation.


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