6 Highly Practical Solutions For Effectively Eliminating Weeds Between Pavers.

Posted on Dec 7, 2023 at 12:03 pm by Oliver C

Nothing is more irritating than weeds infiltrating between the slabs of your driveway or terrace. Fortunately, there are natural and economical solutions to get rid of them while respecting the environment.

Here are 6 effective methods to eliminate these unwanted plants.


1. Green thumb: remove weeds manually

Use a hook, scraper, or hoe to remove weeds between the slabs. If the gap is wide enough, try to pull out the roots to prevent them from regrowing too quickly.

2. Salt, a formidable ally against weeds

Coarse salt is an excellent natural weed killer. Spread it on the areas where weeds have appeared, then wait for the next rain to dilute the salt grains. If rain is not expected soon, mix the salt with water and white vinegar (one liter of water for half a liter of vinegar) and spray the solution on the areas to be treated, being careful to spare the surrounding plants.

3. Recycle cooking water to eliminate weeds

After cooking pasta, potatoes, or vegetables, recycle the cooking water by pouring it on the weeds. The heat of the water will cause a thermal shock and the starches in the water will burn the leaves and roots while preserving other plants.

4. Choose the right materials to prevent weed regrowth

  • To avoid constantly treating your slabs against weeds, opt for materials that are hostile to them during your next renovation. For example, a resin surface is less conducive to the proliferation of unwanted vegetation.
  • If your driveway is already invaded by weeds, weed it and then fill the cracks with cement or sand, depending on the characteristics of your installation.

5. Mulching: an effective solution to reduce weed growth

Covering the ground with mulch or mulching fabric deprives weeds of light, which slows down their growth. When they lack light, they have more difficulty growing.

6. Plant ground cover plants to limit weed proliferation

Ground cover plants, such as thyme or oregano, can deter weeds from growing near your slabs. These plants establish a natural and colorful barrier that limits the space available for unwanted intruders.

When and how to act against weeds?

It is advisable to treat weeds between late summer and early autumn, specifically between early August and late September. During this period, plants devote less energy to their vertical growth and instead strengthen their roots. Thus, if you treat weeds at this time, they will have more difficulty regrowing.

There are many tips and methods to fight against weeds; do not hesitate to try several to discover which ones are most effective in your garden.

Remember that it is best to avoid weeding too early in the year, as it would only affect the upper part of the plants and promote their regrowth.

With these practical tips, you should be able to control the proliferation of weeds between your slabs and thus preserve the aesthetics and durability of your outdoor space.


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