How To Steal Jewelry? Here’s Everything You Should Know

how to steal jewelry

Jewelry thieves use fences, or people who sell stolen goods on behalf of the thieves. People who convert stolen jewelry into cash are called fencers. Money is laundered in other countries. Fencers travel across the country or the world to purchase items that have been stolen. Fences can also be used to launder money.

Is it hard to sell stolen jewelry?

But law enforcement officials it’s not that simple. Stolen goods can be sold to any number of secondhand jewelers or gold exchange stores, pawn shops, swap meets or private dealers throughout the region.

Can a pawn shop tell if a ring is stolen?

Once they have everything assembled, pawnbrokers will collect the customer’s information and background history; they will also need a form of ID just in case the item turns up stolen. In case the item is stolen again, the pawn shop will give the police all the information in their system.

Pawnbroking is a booming business in the UK, with the number of pawn shops in England and Wales increasing by more than 50 per cent over the past five years, according to figures from the National Pawn Brokers Association.

How does a pawn shop know if jewelry is stolen?

Pawnshops track the serial numbers for every item they take in, and they record the names and contact information of sellers as well. Two entities constantly track each other and the police track the owners of stolen items in their community.

“It’s not just about tracking down the person who stole the item, it’s about finding out who’s selling it and who is buying it,” said Sgt. Mike Kowalczyk of the San Francisco Police Department. “If you’re going to sell it, you need to be able to prove that you own it.

What happens stolen jewelry?

Stolen goods and jewellery can be sold to any number of online or second hand or exchange stores, swap meets or private dealers for cash. Some thieves steal for their own gain, while others dispose of their ill-gotten gains.

What is a good reason to steal?

Some people steal as a means to survive due to economic hardship. Others enjoy the rush of stealing or stealing to fill a void in their lives. Stealing can be caused by jealousy, low self-esteem, or peer-pressure. Feelings of being overlooked or excluded can cause a person to steal.

Stealing is a crime in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is also a federal crime, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

How do stores know if someone stole?

They post images from their security footage and ask the community for help identifying the suspect. It is possible to find shoplifters long after they have left the store property.

If the store decides to file a report against you, you may be contacted by the police and asked to provide your name, address, and phone number. If you have been the victim of a crime, the police will contact you to let you know that they are looking for you.

They may also contact your employer to notify them of the incident.

Is ring easy to steal?

The ring doorbell is fairly secure. It is secured with a backplate and security screws. If a thief is determined to steal your ring, with the right tools and a lot of force, they could have a good chance of getting in.

What do thieves usually steal?

Jewellery, consumer electronics like phones, tablets and laptops as well as portable hardware tools and equipment all rank highly as stolen goods claimed under insurance[1]. The increase in burglars targeting homes to steal valuables is a distressing trend.

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA), the number of burglaries in England and Wales increased by 5% in the year ending June 2014 to 1.2 million.

Can I keep jewelry I found?

Don’t assume that you can keep a diamond ring if you ever find it. If possible, try to locate the owner or turn the item in to the police. Most states will allow finders to keep the property if the owner does not show up to claim it within a certain period of time.

Where are most stolen items sold?

Online listing sites are becoming more and more popular places to sell stolen goods. If you find an item that has been stolen, you can report it to your local police department. You can also contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) at 1-800-THE-LOST or

If the item has not been recovered by the time you report the theft, it may have been sold to a third party, such as a pawnbroker or flea market, and you may not be able to get it back.

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