Ideal Maintenance Routine To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Household Linens.

Posted on Dec 13, 2023 at 12:03 pm by James T

Keeping our household linen clean and fresh is essential for maintaining a healthy and pleasant environment. We will present you with tips and tricks for cleaning various types of fabrics and textiles commonly found in a home.

Towels: cleanliness on a daily basis

It is ideal to have separate towels for each use: one for hands, one for dishes, and one for surfaces. Towels should be washed regularly, always referring to the care instructions indicated on their label.

  • Temperature: Refer to the label
  • Washing frequency: Every week

Light and heavy curtains: appropriate maintenance

Curtains are an important decorative element and can accumulate a lot of dust over time. Here’s how to maintain your curtains according to their type:

Light curtains and sheers

These curtains can generally be machine washed without any problems. To dry them, simply hang them on their rod; if necessary, place a small towel on the floor to absorb residual water.

  • Temperature: Refer to the label
  • Washing frequency: Twice a year

Thick lined curtains

For thicker and heavier curtains, cleaning can be more delicate. It is sometimes necessary to seek professional help to clean them properly. Be sure to follow the care instructions on their label.

Duvets and pillows: sleeping in cleanliness

Single duvets can usually fit in a standard washing machine, while other solutions should be considered for double or larger duvets. Héloïse Martel suggests using laundromats equipped with larger capacity machines as an alternative to dry cleaning.

  • Ideally, duvets and pillows should be washed with washing balls and dried with drying balls to maintain even distribution of the filling.
  • For blankets, it is important to strictly follow the washing instructions on the label.

Fleece blankets are easy to maintain and dry quickly. However, for wool items, prefer hand washing. In any case, there is nothing more pleasant than slipping into warm sheets to warm up cold winter nights.


Cushions and cushion covers: keeping their shine

It is essential to wash cushion covers as soon as they are stained. As for the cushions, they are generally easy to maintain: they can be machine washed and withstand medium temperatures.

  • Temperature: Refer to the label
  • Washing frequency for covers: Approximately once a month
  • Washing frequency for cushions: Once a year, like a pillow

Rugs: regular maintenance for a welcoming floor

Rugs require different types of maintenance depending on their material and size. Some small rugs can be machine washed, while others can withstand shampooing or require specialized dry cleaning. A Persian silk rug requires different attention than a large synthetic rug, reminds Héloïse Martel.

  • Temperature: The highest possible temperature, refer to the label
  • Washing frequency: Every week

By following these tips, your household linen will remain clean, fresh, and pleasant to the touch, ensuring a healthy and welcoming environment in your home.


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