How The Most Experienced DIYers Properly Insulate Their Doors Before Winter To Make Incredible Savings

Posted on Nov 22, 2023 at 4:10 pm by Oliver C

In winter, it is important to properly insulate your home to prevent heat loss and reduce energy expenses. One often neglected part of insulation is doors. This article presents the main techniques for insulating your doors against cold drafts.

The importance of door insulation

A poorly insulated door can cause several inconveniences:

  • Entry of cold air into the house
  • Increase in electricity consumption to heat your home
  • Decrease in thermal comfort inside your home

To counter this, it is essential to insulate all doors, especially those in contact with the outside: front door, garage opening, cellar door leading outside, glass doors, balcony or terrace doors, etc.

Furthermore, also implement simple and ingenious tricks to improve the insulation of your windows in winter and thus reduce your electricity bill. With a well-insulated house, you can enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient interior during the cold season.

Techniques for better door insulation

Several methods can be used to improve door insulation:

Change the door seal

Start by checking the condition of the door seal. If it is torn, pierced, or detached, it will need to be replaced to improve door insulation. This operation is quite simple to do yourself: just remove the old seal and install the new one.


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Insulate the bottom of the door

The bottom of the door is often a source of drafts, especially if you have planed an old wooden door to facilitate its opening. To remedy this, you can:

  • Install a door draft stopper on the inside
  • Place a rubber seal at the bottom of the door
  • Install an automatic door threshold ensuring airtightness

Redo the door frame seal

During the installation of the door, the frame was reinforced with putty or cement. Over time, these materials can degrade, crack, and let cold air in. To remedy this, simply remove the old putty or cement and apply new ones.

Use complementary accessories to prevent drafts

There are also other solutions to insulate your doors against cold drafts:

Thermal curtains

A simple and effective solution to improve door insulation is to hang thermal curtains. These thick and insulating curtains reduce the exchange of air passing through the door while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Insulating door bottoms

As mentioned earlier, the bottom of the door is a source of drafts. Therefore, you can install insulating door bottoms, such as a threshold seal or a door draft stopper, to prevent cold air from entering your home.

Double glazing and insulated doors

Finally, if you want to enhance the insulation of your glass doors, you can opt for double glazing. This type of glazing offers better thermal insulation than single glazing and prevents heat loss. Moreover, there are now doors specifically designed to provide excellent insulation.

In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to door insulation to prevent cold drafts and improve the thermal comfort of your home. Installing thermal curtains, suitable door seals, or using insulated doors are effective methods to achieve this.


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