Planting Roses: Is It Possible By The End Of November? How To Successfully Plant Them?

Posted on Nov 28, 2023 at 2:03 pm by Oliver C

When and how to plant a rose?

The planting period for bare-root roses extends from mid-November to mid-March. If the roses are in containers, planting can be done all year round, avoiding periods of drought or frost. That is why the root system of roses planted early in the season will establish much better than those planted later. It is particularly important to avoid buying plants from a heated place, as mild temperatures promote early bud development and compromise the plant’s ability to recover in case of frost.

Preparing the soil for roses

For roses, a good soil with a pH close to 7, called clay-loam soil or wheat soil, is ideal for planting roses.

Setting up and maintaining the rose before planting

    • It is not necessary to prune a rose very short before planting: for vigorous roses, keep 5 to 6 buds, and for classic bush roses, keep 3 buds. CAUTION: it is advisable to leave 2 additional buds during planting, which will be pruned at the end of February, when winter is over.
    • The pruning of the roots and stems is actually an adaptation due to commercial packaging methods for small-sized roses.
    • It is also recommended to “praline” (coat) the root system: simply dip it up to the base of the stem in a fairly liquid mud composed of clay soil, compost, and water. This watering serves to prevent drying out and to eliminate air pockets and ensure good contact between the roots and the soil.


Setting up the rose

In a second step, once the water is absorbed, it is often advisable to cover the base of the rose with a mound of soil about 10 cm high. It is also possible to protect the base with mulch or leaves, which both have advantages such as allowing rainwater drainage in addition to protecting against frost.

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Special cases for planting roses

  • Roses over 20 years old can be transplanted if certain precautions are taken: at the end of the growing season, the root system can be unearthed and cleaned of any possible parasites or mold.
  • If you want to plant a climbing rose next to a tree, the rose’s root system will compete with that of the already well-established tree. To control watering, simply place the rose in a large container with holes at the bottom, at the base of the tree: the tree’s roots will not penetrate the container for about a year. After a year, you can remove the container by cutting one side, for example, without disturbing the rose’s root system.

Fertilizer for roses

In the case of chemical fertilizers, it is necessary to provide elements to the roses in two phases: nitrogen for growth in spring, phosphoric acid for color, and trace elements to catalyze physiological functions.

In the case of organic fertilizers, application is mainly done in autumn: additional humic modification supplemented with mineral amendments may be sufficient.

By following these tips and tricks, you will be able to properly plant and maintain your roses to allow them to grow and bloom optimally. All that will be left for you is to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your roses!


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