Preparing Your Strawberry Plants For The Cold Season

Posted on Dec 13, 2023 at 4:03 pm by James T

When you grow strawberries, it is important to take care of them throughout their lifespan. After three or four years, it is advisable to renew your strawberry plants. In order to optimize the growth of your plants in the spring, anticipate by properly preparing your strawberries for the winter. Here are some tips for maintaining your strawberry plants, whether in the ground or in pots.

Choosing the right variety and the ideal location

  • Select varieties suitable for your region and the specificities of your plants. Each variety may have different needs in terms of exposure, soil, and winter protection.
  • Place your strawberries in a sunny location, sheltered from the wind to promote better growth and fruit production.

Winter preparation of strawberries in the ground

Here are some essential actions to properly prepare your plants in the ground:

Trimming the runners

Remove the runners (these leafless creeping stems that grow from the mother plant) as soon as they appear. If you want to multiply your plants, leave the runner in place until a node forms and a few leaves appear. Then cut just above the node and replant in the ground or in a pot.

Weeding and cleaning

Remove all weeds around and at the base of the plant. Use a weeding knife to ensure that all roots are eliminated. Also remove any damaged or diseased leaves and destroy them. Do not put them in the compost, as they could contaminate it.

Fertilizing and mulching

Apply a specific fertilizer for strawberries or compost if the season is still dry enough. Then, cover the soil with a 100% biodegradable mulch to preserve moisture and protect the roots from the cold.

Protecting in case of extreme cold

In colder regions, install a winter cover or tunnel to protect your plants from bad weather and frost.


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Winter preparation of strawberries in pots

For your strawberries in pots, follow these steps:

Placing the pots in a protected area

Place your plants in pots in a wind-sheltered area with maximum sun exposure. This will reduce the risk of frost and ensure better growth. To complete these precautions, also explore alternative methods to protect other garden plants from frost.

Mulching and watering

Put a thick layer of mulch, such as straw or dead leaves, to protect the roots. Only water if the substrate is dry.

Storing in case of extreme cold

In case of extreme cold, bring your strawberries indoors to a greenhouse or unheated space. Remember to stop watering if there is a risk of frost, as this can cause root death.

By anticipating and following these tips to prepare your strawberries for winter, you will optimize their growth and fruit production when spring returns. Take the time to choose the right varieties and the ideal location to ensure the success of your cultivation.


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