10 Recipes For Degreasers That My Mother Used To Maintain A Spotless Home.

Posted on Dec 4, 2023 at 8:03 am by Oliver C

We offer you eight original recipes for homemade degreasers to clean your kitchen and bathroom in an environmentally friendly way. These preparations are simple to make with natural ingredients that you probably already have at home.

1/ Prepare a degreasing paste with baking soda

Baking soda is an eco-friendly and inexpensive product that can be used to clean the entire house from floor to ceiling. To prepare an effective degreasing paste, dilute a few spoonfuls of baking soda in a little warm water.

Apply the mixture to the surfaces to be degreased and scrub in circular motions for a few minutes. Rinse with clear water afterwards.

2/ Prepare your vinegar degreaser

Create your own natural degreaser by recycling the citrus peels you consume.

  • Place the citrus peels (such as orange, grapefruit, or lemon peels) in a basin and pour a liter of white vinegar over them.
  • Let it sit for about 2 weeks, allowing the peels to release their natural essential oils into the vinegar.
  • After the preparation has macerated enough, strain the degreasing liquid to recover it.
  • Transfer it to a spray bottle, and you can keep it for several months.

3/ Create a quick lemon degreaser

To quickly prepare a homemade degreasing product, you only need three components:

  • 2 large glasses of water
  • 1 tablespoon of washing soda
  • 20 drops of lemon essential oil


Once you have these components, here are the steps you will follow:

  1. In a container, combine 5 tablespoons of white vinegar with 50g of baking soda.
  2. Expect the mixture to produce foam. Don’t worry, this chemical reaction is completely safe.
  3. Use this mixture to scrub the surface in circular motions.
  4. Pay more attention to the greasiest areas.
  5. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water using a clean sponge.
  6. Your cleaning operation is now complete!

Lemon is also one of the natural products that can effectively clean your wooden furniture, even surpassing supermarket products in terms of cleaning efficiency.

4/ Opt for a homemade degreaser with tea tree essential oil

To effortlessly remove grease from surfaces, opt for a mixture based on tea tree essential oil. Would you like to prepare this homemade cleaner?

  1. Start by heating 2 large glasses of water to 100°C in a saucepan.
  2. Then add a tablespoon of dish soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to the hot water.
  3. Mix this preparation well, then add 15 drops of tea tree essential oil.
  4. Stir again and let it cool.
  5. Then transfer the solution to a spray bottle.

Usage is simple: spray the mixture on all the kitchen surfaces you want to degrease, then scrub with a clean cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and wipe with a soft cloth for impeccable results.

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5/ Choose a degreaser based on Marseille soap.

Are you looking for a method to create an effective natural degreaser for your surfaces? Try this recipe based on water and Marseille soap. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Heat a liter of water until it reaches boiling point.
  2. Remove the saucepan from the heat.
  3. Add 2 handfuls of Marseille soap flakes to the mixture.
  4. Stir the preparation with a wooden spoon to melt the soap.
  5. To scent your degreaser, add 10 drops of lemon essential oil.
  6. Let the mixture cool.

Simply spray the solution on the surfaces to be degreased, scrub with a cloth, then rinse with clear water.

6/ Degreaser based on washing soda

If your kitchen is heavily soiled, this recipe is the ideal solution for you:

  1. Start by heating 750ml of water in a large saucepan, then add 3 tablespoons of washing soda.
  2. Thoroughly mix off the heat, then add 150ml of white vinegar to the mixture, as well as half a glass of dish soap.
  3. For an extra touch of freshness and effectiveness, add 15 drops of tea tree essential oil to your preparation, then let the solution cool.
  4. Once cooled, transfer your homemade degreaser to a spray bottle.

All you have to do is spray this product on the surfaces to be cleaned, let it sit for a while, scrub with a cloth, and then rinse.

7/ Infuse citrus peels in white vinegar

Here is a method to effectively degrease your plancha or oven after use:

  1. Mix 5 tablespoons of white vinegar and 50g of baking soda in a container.
  2. Expect the mixture to foam.
  3. Use this mixture to scrub the surface in circular motions.
  4. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water using a clean sponge.

8/ Prepare a degreaser with black soap

Black soap is a versatile natural product, effective for cleaning the house, the garden, and even the skin.


To make a degreaser with black soap, dilute it with a few drops of water to form an easy-to-apply paste. Scrub the surfaces vigorously with this eco-friendly preparation, then rinse with warm water to remove any residue.

9/ Olive oil-based degreaser

Mix olive oil with salt or sugar to form a paste. Use this paste to scrub greasy surfaces, then rinse with hot water.

10/ Make a multi-purpose product

Prepare a versatile degreaser by mixing 2 tablespoons of washing soda and 2 tablespoons of liquid black soap in warm water. Use this solution to clean various surfaces in your home, making sure to rinse well after use.


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