Why Should We Stop Feeding Birds With Bread?

Posted on Nov 24, 2023 at 6:03 am by Oliver C

While most people think it is good to feed birds with bread, it can actually cause them many health problems. Discover why it is better to find other sources of food for our feathered friends and how to encourage their presence in your garden in a more respectful way to their health.

Toxic foods for birds

There are other foods that we commonly consume that can be harmful to birds:

  • Chocolate: Unlike humans, chocolate is toxic to birds
  • Potatoes: These contain solanines, which are also dangerous for these animals
  • Foods high in salt, which can cause health problems in birds
  • Garlic, onion, and other foods from the Allium family
  • Honey, which can contain bacteria or fungi that can cause infections in birds
  • Fruit seeds (apple, pear) and pits – these can contain cyanide, which is toxic to birds
  • Bread:

Dangers of bread for birds

Angel wing syndrome

When birds consume too much bread, they can develop a serious problem called angel wing syndrome. This disorder is characterized by a deformation of the wings, preventing birds from flying properly. Even if this effect does not occur in all birds that eat bread, the risk is high enough to be worth avoiding giving it to them.

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Risk of bacterial proliferation

It is often thought that giving stale bread to birds is acceptable, but it is even worse than offering them fresh bread. Indeed, stale bread can accumulate bacteria over time, which can cause dangerous diseases in birds that consume it. It is therefore best to never give them bread, regardless of its condition.

Dangers of gluten and other harmful ingredients

Bread contains yeast, salt, and gluten, which are not beneficial for birds. In fact, their digestive system is not designed to digest these ingredients. Gluten, in particular, can cause problems for ducks and swans, whose digestive system is not adapted to process it. Additionally, the salt in bread can also be harmful to birds in large quantities.


The benefits of offering a varied diet to birds

Birds need a diverse diet to maintain a strong immune system. To encourage birds to visit your garden and feed in a healthy way, you can plant berry hedges or install feeders offering different types of seeds. This will allow birds to enjoy a balanced diet without relying on bread as their main food.

Installing water points for birds

In addition to providing suitable food, also consider installing a water point where birds can drink and bathe. To avoid accidents with cats and other predators, make sure to place these installations at a certain distance from the ground and away from trees or bushes where they could hide.

In conclusion, if you want to feed birds in your garden or during your walks near a lake, avoid giving them bread. Opt for a varied and healthy diet for them, in order to preserve their health and allow them to develop optimally.

In addition to taking care of birds, you can also attract, welcome, and protect hedgehogs in your garden by installing shelters and water points for these small mammals, thus creating an environment conducive to their well-being.


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