Shower Or Bathtub For Seniors: What Is The Best Choice For An Elderly-Friendly Bathroom?

Posted on Nov 24, 2023 at 8:03 am by Oliver C

The bathroom is an essential space in the daily life of elderly people, so it is important to design it well. The choice between a shower and a bathtub will depend on the specific needs of the person in terms of mobility, aesthetics, and budget. Here, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of each option as well as interesting alternatives.

The advantages of showers for seniors

Walk-in showers: accessibility and aesthetics

Walk-in showers are highly appreciated by seniors due to their easy access. Indeed, they do not have any step or ledge to step over, which greatly facilitates their use for people with reduced mobility. Moreover, their sleek and modern design perfectly integrates into a modern bathroom.


Secure showers: grab bars and non-slip coatings

To ensure the safety of elderly people, showers can be equipped with grab bars and non-slip coatings, allowing the individual to stand while taking a shower without the risk of slipping. These modifications offer better independence and peace of mind for users and their loved ones.

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The advantages of bathtubs for seniors

Walk-in bathtubs: facilitating bath access

Walk-in bathtubs have been specially designed to facilitate bath access for elderly or mobility-impaired individuals. They are equipped with a watertight door that opens and closes easily, allowing the person to enter the bathtub without having to overcome a high obstacle.

Once the door is closed, simply fill the bathtub with water to enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Do not forget to take care of the maintenance of your sink and bathtub, as their cleanliness and condition should not be neglected.

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The benefits of hydrotherapy for elderly people

Taking a bath can be beneficial for seniors thanks to its relaxing and soothing effects. Hydrotherapy, which consists of using water to relieve muscle pain and tension, is particularly recommended for elderly people suffering from arthritis or joint problems.

Choosing between a shower and a bathtub for a senior bathroom

The best option between a shower and a bathtub for a senior bathroom depends on the specific needs of the person, the available space, and the budget. Walk-in showers and secure showers offer maximum accessibility and safety, while walk-in bathtubs facilitate bath access while allowing the benefits of water to be enjoyed. Alternative solutions offer interesting versatility. The choice should be based on these factors to meet the specific needs of each elderly person.

Alternative solutions: combining shower and bathtub

For those who are undecided between a shower and a bathtub, there are alternative solutions that allow you to enjoy the advantages of both types of equipment. For example:

Shower integrated into the bathtub

It is possible to install a shower with an integrated seat in a bathtub, thus offering the possibility of taking a bath while having access to secure shower facilities. This solution is ideal for those who want to keep their options open according to their desires or current needs.

Walk-in bathtubs with shower function

Some walk-in bathtubs are also equipped with a shower function, offering the choice between a bath or a shower according to your preferences and specific needs. This versatility is a considerable asset in the design of a bathroom adapted to seniors.

Finally, alternative solutions such as showers integrated into bathtubs or bathtubs with a shower function offer interesting versatility for optimal comfort.


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