The 8 Stunning Indoor Plants That Can Help Eliminate Mold And Purify The Air In Your Home.

Posted on Nov 26, 2023 at 12:03 pm by James T

To breathe fresh and invigorating air at home, there’s nothing like indoor plants. Unfortunately, an invisible enemy threatens our comfort and health: mold. Mold proliferates in humid, warm, and poorly ventilated areas, releasing tiny spores that are harmful to the respiratory system or causing allergic reactions upon contact. Fortunately, several indoor plants are excellent anti-mold air purifiers.

Discover eight plants capable of ridding your interior of mold while adding an aesthetic touch to your decor.

Ivy: a toxin absorber

Ivy absorbs toxins present in the ambient air and helps break down volatile organic compounds through phytoremediation. However, be careful not to ingest this plant as it can cause digestive and respiratory problems when consumed.

Peace lily: a botanical elegance

With its shiny dark green leaves and white flowers reminiscent of a peace flag, the peace lily adds a discreet touch of luxury to any space. However, be careful not to overwater this plant, as overly moist soil promotes mold proliferation.

Palm trees: allies in combating humidity

With their arch-shaped leaves evoking their tropical origin, palm trees are particularly effective at absorbing moisture in high humidity areas such as bathrooms. Some palm tree varieties also help reduce certain pollutants such as ammonia.

Boston fern: a depolluting plant

The Boston fern is not only beautiful with its vibrant green fronds forming a cascade of greenery, but it is also excellent at absorbing moisture in the air and thus reducing allergies to mold spores.

Sansevieria: a protective touch of exoticism

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue due to its large green leaves streaked with yellow, sansevieria is a fierce plant that captures moisture in the atmosphere during the day thanks to its closed stomata. At night, it becomes an oxygen factory that purifies the environment of CO2.


Focus on orchids: the alliance of beauty and usefulness

  • Colored orchids: available in different vibrant colors, orchids help regulate the humidity in your home by absorbing moisture from the environment. Make sure to place them in a well-lit area without direct sunlight and use specialized orchid potting mix.
  • Pot selection: Carefully choose the appropriate container and substrate for your orchids as this will allow them to effectively drain watering water.

Spider plant: a mold absorber

The spider plant is appreciated for its cascading leaves streaked with white or yellow that absorb moisture and filter mold spores in the ambient air. This plant is harmless and can therefore be placed in a room where children or pets live.

Maranta or snake plant: an anti-mold sentinel

This plant gets its nickname from its wavy leaves with light and dark green patterns resembling snake skin. Ideal for humid environments, it absorbs excess moisture in the air and thus prevents mold development.

By adding these indoor plants to your living spaces, you will not only improve the air quality but also the aesthetics of your home. So, consider investing today in these plant allies that are both purifying and decorative!


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