Do Succulent Plants Require Less Water In December?

Posted on Dec 8, 2023 at 12:02 pm by Oliver C

Let’s find out together if succulent plants actually require less water during the month of December. Succulent plants, these plants with various and attractive shapes, are favorites in interior decoration thanks to their resistance and ease of maintenance. Like all plants, water supply is essential for their survival, but knowing the right frequency and amount of watering can be tricky.

Characteristics of succulent plants: adaptation to drought and water storage

Before answering the question of watering in December, it is important to understand the specificities of succulent plants. These plants, often native to arid environments, have developed strategies during their evolution to save water and adapt to drought.

Their fine roots efficiently capture water present in the soil, while their thick stems and fleshy leaves – called succulent tissues – allow them to store a large amount of this precious resource for later use.

Stems and leaves: natural water reserves

Indeed, succulent stems and leaves have cells capable of absorbing and retaining water at levels much higher than other plants. This allows them to hydrate in case of persistent drought, but also to quickly deploy their defense mechanisms against water stress (closing stomata to limit transpiration, production of antioxidant molecules, etc.).

Therefore, succulent plants tolerate temporary reduction in their water supply better than other species.

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Variation in water needs according to season and brightness

The water needs of succulent plants vary throughout the year, mainly depending on the season and brightness. In spring and summer, they are generally in full growth and require more frequent watering than in autumn and winter.

However, as is the case with many vegetation, the cold months often correspond to a period of rest or slowing down of growth in these plants,

Winter period: decrease in water needs

Indeed, during this winter period, it is recommended to decrease the frequency and quantity of water supplied to succulents in order to avoid excess moisture that could promote the development of fungal or bacterial diseases, or even root rot. In general, watering should be done when the soil is almost dry on the surface,


Watering succulents in December: should the frequency be reduced?

Since December is conducive to a decrease in water needs for succulent plants, it is indeed advisable to adapt your maintenance routine and space out your watering during this winter period.

However, each plant is unique and subject to specific environmental conditions, so here are some tips to determine if your plant really needs less water during the twelfth month of the year:

  1. Closely observe the signs emitted by the plant: wilted foliage or soft stems may indicate a water deficiency, while brown marks on the leaves may indicate excess moisture.
  2. Take into account the life cycle of your succulent: some species are in a resting phase during winter, while others continue to grow slowly; this can influence their need for water supply.
  3. Evaluate the ambient conditions: central heating that dries the ambient air can increase the water needs of your plant, while a humid space will significantly decrease these needs.

In summary, while December is commonly associated with a decrease in water needs for succulent plants, it is necessary to individually study each plant to accurately determine the required level of moisture and the frequency of watering.

Only careful observation of your plant will allow you to provide the appropriate environment for its health and beauty. Furthermore, for those who cultivate Christmas cacti, special care is necessary to make them bloom in time for the holidays.


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