This Insecticide-free Technology Traps Bed Bugs Before They Climb Onto The Bed To Bite You.

Posted on Nov 25, 2023 at 10:04 am by Oliver C

Bed bugs are a scourge that many people have to fight on a daily basis. For those who suffer from them, finding an effective and affordable method is vital. This is where this innovative company comes in, offering innovative and sustainable solutions in this field.

Traditional bed bug control

Bed bug control generally relies on chemical and mechanical methods. Insecticides and sprays are often used to try to eliminate these stubborn pests. However, these methods can have disadvantages, such as the potential toxicity of chemicals and a certain lack of effectiveness against the resistance that these pests sometimes develop.


Bed bug control should not be discouraging. Natural methods such as thorough cleaning and the use of essential oils offer viable alternatives, allowing you to get rid of these pests without resorting to harmful chemicals.

BugSafe innovation: the interceptor

The flagship product of BugSafe is the interceptor, an innovative passive trap designed to capture and eliminate bed bugs without the use of chemicals. This original device is based on solid scientific principles and implements an integrated approach to combat this infestation.

  • Operation: The interceptor uses a double-ring system with micro-notches, which prevent bed bugs from climbing out of the trap. The bugs are attracted by the CO2 emitted by sleepers and fall into the interceptor during their search for a nocturnal meal.
  • Effectiveness: This method eliminates adult bed bugs as well as their eggs, thus reducing the spread of the infestation. Moreover, it is a tool that also allows monitoring the evolution of the infestation, thus verifying its success or failure.
  • Convenience: The interceptor is easy to install and should be placed under the feet of the bed for maximum effectiveness. However, care should be taken to ensure that no elements touch the floor, such as sheets, as this could create a bridge for bed bugs and render the device ineffective.

Adaptability to different types of beds

Although the interceptor was primarily designed for traditional legged beds, alternative solutions can be considered for mattresses placed directly on the floor or beds without legs. It is sufficient to adopt some additional preventive measures, such as placing the mattress on elevated supports or protecting it with special anti-bed bug covers.

BugSafe: a sustainable and scientific approach

Based on solid scientific references, BugSafe has developed a promising solution in the fight against bed bugs. Their chemical-free and sustainable approach makes them a key player in the market for anti-infestation solutions.

It should be noted that BugSafe does not only suggest the use of the interceptor, but rather a comprehensive strategy to combat these pests: managing the bed frame and mattress, regularly washing bedding at high temperatures, using protective covers, etc.

In summary

Fighting bed bugs can be costly, time-consuming, and burdensome for those affected. It is therefore important to choose an effective method that is suitable for each situation. BugSafe and their innovative interceptor offer a potential solution to overcome this scourge without resorting to potentially dangerous chemical treatments.

To test and adopt this innovative approach, do not hesitate to turn to BugSafe and try the interceptor, which could become your indispensable ally in this ongoing battle against bed bugs. However, keep in mind that another threat can also become problematic in your homes if not effectively controlled. Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to learn about any potential threats that could affect the health and safety of your household.


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