Will The “exceptional” Energy Check Be Renewed For The Period 2024?

In 2023, the advent of the exceptional energy voucher was implemented to alleviate the impacts of inflation that were severely affecting the country.

What is the exceptional energy voucher?

In the face of the soaring energy prices in 2023, the government made the decision to distribute an exceptional purchase voucher to help the most vulnerable households. The main objective is to support these individuals in their ability to properly heat their homes in the face of the significant increase in energy prices.


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Requests from the Foundation for the Support of Vulnerable Households

Christophe Robert, the general delegate of the foundation, is requesting two main measures to compensate for the end of the exceptional energy voucher:

  • Extend the energy voucher program to households that are not yet beneficiaries but are experiencing difficulties in properly heating their homes.
  • Triple the amount of the energy voucher to provide adequate support to families in need.

The importance of swift and effective action

In the face of these pressing energy challenges, it is essential to act swiftly and effectively to support households in France. Preserving the ability to heat homes with dignity, while respecting human dignity and the well-being of all, is paramount.

Furthermore, do not let your Energy Voucher of 277 euros expire, it is still valid.

Will the “exceptional” energy voucher be renewed for the 2024 period?

Unfortunately, the “exceptional” energy voucher will not be renewed for the 2024 period. This decision was made in the context of the government’s search for savings. According to statements from the former minister, the government plans to eliminate the exceptional energy voucher in 2024, putting an end to this significant aid for many households.

Although the amount of the energy voucher will not change in 2024, the end of this exceptional assistance could have a significant impact on households already in difficulty, exposing them to new financial difficulties in covering their energy needs. This decision raises concerns about these individuals’ ability to adapt to an increasingly challenging economic climate.

The proposals from the Foundation offer interesting avenues to compensate for this loss, but it will be up to the government to take adequate and sustainable measures to assist those who need it most.

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