The Crucial Trick My Grandmother Used Every Autumn On The Windows To Save BIG On Her Electricity Bill.

Posted on Dec 2, 2023 at 6:03 am by Oliver C

Autumn is already well established in several regions of France and the cool temperatures encourage some people to turn on their radiators to warm up.

However, if you want to save energy and wait a little longer before turning on the heating, discover this secret function of your windows to naturally heat your interior.

Turn on the heating at the right time

Depending on the region, it may be necessary to start the heating at the beginning of autumn, especially in the coldest areas, while in the south, you can wait a little longer. In general, it is considered wise to turn on the radiators when the outside temperature drops below 14°C for several consecutive days.

Tips for staying warm without turning on the heating

In addition to the winter function of your windows, here are some tips to keep your house warm this autumn without using radiators:

  • Insulate doors and windows: stick insulating seals around the frames to prevent air leaks and retain heat inside.
  • Regularly ventilate the rooms: even if it’s cold, it’s important to ventilate to renew the air and avoid humidity problems.

Don’t forget the importance of properly insulating your garage door, as this can make a big difference in terms of energy efficiency. Consider investing in an affordable insulation kit for less than €30 to prepare your garage for the coming months and save on heating costs.

Optimizing the energy efficiency of your windows in winter

Winter can be a period when energy consumption increases significantly due to heating. Fortunately, there are several simple tricks to reduce this consumption by improving the energy efficiency of your windows.


  • Use thermal or double curtains: Thermal curtains are specially designed to insulate windows, retaining heat inside.
  • Caulk and install weatherstrips: Inspect the perimeter of your window and identify cracks or spaces through which cold air could infiltrate.
  • Install shutters or blinds: Shutters and blinds can provide an additional layer of insulation.
  • Use double or triple glazed windows: If your budget allows, consider replacing single glazed windows with double or triple glazed models. This may represent a significant initial investment, but long-term energy savings can be substantial.

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Detect and seal insulation gaps before the arrival of extreme cold

This will allow you to quickly locate critical points such as thermal bridges, areas prone to mold formation, insulation defects, and leaks detection. This way, you will know more easily where to intervene to prevent heat loss and seal the breaches before the arrival of extreme cold, which can result in significant energy savings.

Improve the insulation of your windows

The secret roller that improves window insulation: On most modern PVC windows, you can find metal rollers along the edges, resembling small cylinders. By lowering these rollers, the window seals compress further and the airflow is reduced, reducing heat loss.

However, be careful not to manipulate these buttons several times a year: simply perform this maneuver once to ensure better insulation throughout the year.

The winter function of your windows: an alternative to delay the start of heating

The winter function of windows, present on many PVC models, is based on an element called a roller. By lowering this roller, the window seals compress further, thus reducing heat loss and preventing cold air from entering. This allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside during winter while saving energy. In short, a small adjustment that can have a significant impact on your comfort and energy savings.

By combining these tips and activating the winter function of your windows, you should be able to delay the fateful moment when you have to turn on your heating. Feel free to share this article if you think it can help someone else save energy.


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