5 Simple Habits For Properly Ventilating The House Without Losing Heat.

Posted on Dec 11, 2023 at 10:02 am by Oliver C

It is essential to properly ventilate your home to ensure healthy air and limit health problems related to poor indoor air quality. However, this can pose some challenges in winter when outdoor temperatures are low.

Compelling reasons to ventilate your home

Pollutants, volatile compounds, bacterial agents, humidity, dust, and emissions from heating appliances can all circulate in the indoor air of our homes. Ventilating helps to remove these elements and significantly improve the air quality we breathe.

  • Elimination of unpleasant odors,
  • Renewal of oxygen,
  • Prevention of mold,
  • Reduction of allergens,
  • Optimization of thermal comfort.

Key moments for airing

Ideally, it is advisable to ventilate several times a day, all year round, even when it is cold outside. Ventilating early in the morning and before going to bed promotes a healthier sleeping environment and facilitates waking up. Additionally, it is interesting to note that this practice can also help prevent mold formation on the ceiling.

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Choosing a suitable ventilation system

In addition to these daily tips, choosing a good ventilation system can also help maintain good indoor air quality without sacrificing warmth. Here are some options to consider:

  • Single-flow mechanical controlled ventilation (VMC): it extracts stale air from the inside while bringing in fresh air filtered through openings located in dry rooms,
  • Thermodynamic ventilation: it captures heat from exhaust ducts to heat incoming air and thus reduce the need for heating,
  • Double-flow ventilation (VDF): it simultaneously extracts stale indoor air and brings in filtered and preheated outdoor air, thus optimizing heat conservation indoors.

Remember to regularly maintain these devices by cleaning filters and other components to ensure their efficiency.

Additional solutions for good air quality

Finally, here are some additional habits that contribute to the comfort and health of your indoor environment:

  • Limit the use of chemicals and opt for eco-friendly alternatives,
  • Invest in air-purifying plants to naturally purify the air,
  • Use an air purifier, if necessary.

Effective methods for ventilating without losing heat

Adopting certain simple habits allows you to ventilate your home properly without letting the cold air in.

  1. Create air currents: by opening windows on both opposite sides of the room for a few minutes, you promote rapid air circulation while avoiding excessive heat loss,
  2. Air out during the hottest moments of the day: take advantage of the sunlight to ventilate. This will reduce the impact on indoor temperature,
  3. Close the doors of unoccupied rooms when ventilating them: this limits heat loss in the rest of the house,
  4. Avoid ventilating when the heating is on: turn off the heating before partially opening the windows to avoid wasting energy,
  5. Regularly clean your mechanical ventilation systems: proper maintenance improves their energy efficiency.

Airing your home without losing heat is possible by combining good daily habits, suitable ventilation systems, and additional solutions to ensure optimal air quality and preserve our thermal comfort. So don’t hesitate: breathe in healthy air while keeping the warmth inside!


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