Do Not Discard The Ash From Your Pellet Or Wood Stove, It Can Be Very Useful For Your Chicken Coop.

Posted on Nov 29, 2023 at 8:03 am by Oliver C

When you have a chicken coop, it is essential to ensure the cleanliness and well-being of your poultry. Did you know that ashes can help you achieve these goals?

Indeed, they are not only a natural and ecological solution for maintaining your chicken coop, but also a simple and effective way to protect your chickens against parasites and allow them to take care of their plumage.

Using the right ashes

Before you start, you need to know what type of ashes to use for your chickens. Not all ashes are suitable, some can even be harmful to their health. Here are the types of ashes to avoid:

  • Coal ashes
  • Ashes from ashtrays (cigarettes)
  • Ashes from fires lit with chemicals
  • Treated wood ashes, such as furniture or pallets

To enjoy the benefits of ashes, prefer those from your fireplace, provided that the fire was lit without chemicals and fueled by firewood. If you use a pellet stove, make sure that they do not contain chemicals before using the ashes in your chicken coop or garden.

A natural anti-parasitic remedy

Just like dust, sand, or dry soil, ashes are excellent for fighting parasites that can infest your chickens. They also act as a “soap” by allowing your poultry to roll in them and take care of their plumage.

To set up this little corner of well-being, you can use an overturned trash can lid in which you regularly deposit sand, soil, and of course ashes. This way, the ashes will eliminate certain parasites and allow your chickens to keep a beautiful, clean, and shiny plumage.


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A better hygiene for the chicken coop

In summer, it is recommended to use less straw in the chicken coop and to use a mixture of ashes and diatomaceous earth before adding the litter. The ashes dry out the droppings, while the diatomaceous earth acts as a protective barrier against parasites.

This mixture has several advantages:

  • Reduction of odors: thanks to the ashes, the bad odors associated with droppings are greatly reduced when cleaning the chicken coop.
  • Easy maintenance: droppings dried by the ashes are much easier to pick up with a perforated shovel.
  • Absorbent effect: by placing ashes in the droppings tray, you will find that they have an absorbent action that greatly facilitates cleaning.

Let your chickens enjoy the benefits of ashes:

Remember to leave some ashes as litter for your chickens so that they can dry their droppings over time and allow them to roll in them to maintain their plumage. You will see that your chickens will be delighted with this natural and ecological trick!

For further information

There are many other tips to improve the living environment of your chickens or solve specific problems, such as:

  • Discouraging chickens from breaking eggs: sprinkle empty shells with hot pepper to prevent them from breaking other eggs.

By applying these few tips and using ashes wisely, you will contribute to creating a healthy and pleasant environment for your chickens while preserving the planet. Also, don’t forget to check out our practical advice to help your chickens get through the winter in the best possible conditions.


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