Sorting Of Biowaste Becomes Mandatory In January 2024: Here Are The Available Solutions For You.

Posted on Dec 9, 2023 at 8:03 am by Oliver C

Starting from January 1, 2023, it will be mandatory in France for professionals and individuals to sort their biowaste at the source. This measure is part of a European initiative aimed at combating food waste and promoting the valorization of this category of waste. This also means that all local authorities must provide a suitable collection solution for their residents.

Definition of biowaste and its ecological importance

Biowaste includes a variety of non-hazardous biodegradable waste such as waste from gardens or parks, food or kitchen waste from households, offices, restaurants, wholesale stores, canteens, caterers, or retail stores, as well as similar waste from food processing industries.

Among them, we find leftovers from meals, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, as well as green waste such as dead leaves, grass clippings, or hedge trimmings.

One third of the waste produced by French households is biowaste, according to . It is therefore essential to collect and treat them appropriately to limit their impact on the environment and promote their valorization.

An fine may be imposed for non-compliance with the new composting regulation for biowaste.


Different collection solutions proposed by municipalities

Under this obligation, local authorities have the duty to implement different collection systems adapted to the needs of their residents:

  • Providing individual or collective composters, more suitable for people living in houses with a garden.
  • Setting up voluntary collection points (VCP) in neighborhoods, where residents can deposit their pre-sorted and packaged biowaste in specific bags.
  • Separate collection of biowaste from households, through dedicated bins provided by the municipality. This solution is mainly considered in urban areas.

The importance of source separation and good practices to adopt

In order for this new collection method to work properly, it is essential to effectively sort the waste at the source, within one’s own home. To do this, it is necessary to correctly identify the types of biowaste involved and group them together in a specific bin or container.

Food waste for composting

The following are considered biowaste:

  • Leftovers from meals (peels, bones, eggshells, etc.)
  • Damaged or unconsumed fruits and vegetables
  • Stale bread, cheese rinds, etc.

Green waste for valorization

The following are also subject to biowaste sorting:

  • Dead leaves, grass clippings
  • Hedge trimmings, branches, and bark
  • Walnut shells or other plant-based debris

How to prepare now for this new obligation?

Although the separation of biowaste will only become mandatory from 2023, it is recommended to start getting into the habit of sorting waste and to learn about the solutions offered by your municipality. Sharing your tips with those around you and encouraging your loved ones to adopt these good practices now can help facilitate the transition towards this new regulation.

In conclusion, the implementation of mandatory source separation of biowaste represents a major advancement in the management and valorization of our waste. It will help reduce our ecological impact while improving the treatment and transformation of these renewable resources. The responsibility of each individual is essential for the success of this measure.


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