Watering These Six Plants With Tea To Strengthen Them Before The Arrival Of Winter.

Posted on Dec 17, 2023 at 4:03 pm by Oliver C

Instead of throwing away your used tea bags, why not use them to boost the vitality of your plants before winter? Tea is indeed beneficial for certain plants thanks to its richness in nutrients and antioxidant properties.

The benefits of tea for plants

Tea contains a blend of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for plants when used as natural fertilizer. Additionally, tea has antioxidant properties: by watering your plants with this beverage, you contribute to protecting their cells against damage caused by free radicals. The essential elements in tea also promote better absorption of the nutrients that the plant needs to strengthen itself before winter.


How to water your plants with tea?

Here are some tips for effectively using tea in the care of your plants:

  1. Infuse your tea bag in a pitcher of room temperature water for about 5 minutes.
  2. After removing the tea bag, let the water cool completely before using this preparation to water your plants.
  3. Generously water the base of the plants, making sure not to wet the leaves or flowers.
  4. Repeat this process once a week until the winter period.

Recycle your tea bags in the garden

In addition to benefiting plants when used as liquid fertilizer, tea can also be added directly to compost or at the base of plants. It will then provide additional nutrients and improve soil structure by retaining moisture.

Furthermore, don’t forget to protect frost-sensitive plants in winter by covering them with mulch or a blanket to preserve them from harsh weather conditions. This way, you create an environment conducive to the prosperity of your plants, whether they are outdoors or in pots.

Which plants should you water with tea before winter?

Not all plants react in the same way to tea watering. Some derive particularly significant benefits from this gesture:

  1. Roses: they gain resistance to diseases and see their flowering encouraged by the nutritional contribution of tea.
  2. Hydrangeas: these plants also appreciate the nutrient richness of tea.
  3. Aromatic plants (such as basil, mint, thyme): their flavor and vitality are enhanced by tea watering.
  4. Indoor plants (such as ferns and non-succulent green plants): tea helps maintain their vigor during winter.
  5. Orchids: these flowers love tea!
  6. Deciduous foliage plants (such as maples and oaks): tea provides them with useful nutrients to strengthen their structure.

However, some plants prefer more acidic soils, such as azaleas and rhododendrons, and may react negatively to the pH increase caused by tea watering. Additionally, alpine plants and succulent plants, such as cacti, agaves, and others, require well-drained soil, and watering with tea can lead to excess moisture that is harmful to their growth.

In summary, watering some of your plants with tea can help them prepare for winter by strengthening their vitality and disease resistance. So don’t hesitate to recycle your used tea bags and incorporate them into your care routine for plants that appreciate this nutrient-rich and antioxidant beverage.


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