4 Simple Tips To Protect Your Oleander From Frost This Winter.

Posted on Dec 13, 2023 at 8:03 am by Oliver C

The oleander (Nerium Oleander) is a Mediterranean shrub that thrives in sunny and bright places. As winter approaches with its rain, snow, and cold, it is essential to take some precautions to preserve it, especially when temperatures drop below 0°C. Here are some simple tips to protect your oleander in winter:

1/Prepare the soil for your oleander

Oleanders planted in the ground can generally withstand winter without special protection thanks to their robustness. However, to increase your chances and ensure that they recover well in spring, it is advisable to mulch the soil around the shrub.

How to mulch the soil:

1. Remove faded flowers and dry stems from your oleander.

2. Spread a thick layer of dead leaves and straw on the ground around the plant. This will insulate the roots and retain the necessary moisture during the cold months. Do not neglect this step: mulching is your best ally in protecting your plants from frost.

Learn now how to prepare and effectively protect your oleander so that it can get through winter without any problems.

2/Wrap your oleander with a blanket or winter cover

Another precaution to protect your oleanders in winter is to use a blanket or winter cover. This protective element is essential for plants located in regions where frost is frequent.

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How to wrap your oleander:

1. Choose a resistant winter cover suitable for the climatic conditions of your region.

2. Carefully wrap your oleander with the cover or blanket, making sure not to tighten it too much to avoid damaging the branches.

3/Water moderately during frost-free periods

The oleander needs water even during winter. Although it withstands drought well, it should not be deprived of watering when the weather allows.

  • Avoid watering your plant when it is freezing or when the temperature is close to freezing point.
  • When the weather slightly warms up, water with warm water at the base of the plant, especially if you notice that the soil is very dry.
  • Never water on the winter cover, but directly at ground level.


Note that watering should be moderate in winter, as excess water could lead to root rot.

4/Remove the winter protection and prune your oleander in spring

When temperatures warm up and winter comes to an end, it is time to remove all winter protection from your oleander. Carefully remove the cover or winter blanket as well as the mulch. Also, do not forget to prune your oleander to stimulate its growth and promote flowering. Proper pruning will allow the plant to develop harmoniously and produce abundant flowers during the warm season.

A word about potted oleanders:

It is essential to know that potted oleanders are even more sensitive to frost than those planted in the ground. If you haven’t already, quickly bring your pots indoors to a cool and bright place like a veranda or a cold greenhouse to protect them from the cold. Also, remember to mulch the pot’s soil with dead leaves and wrap the container with winter protection.

By following these simple tips, you will increase your chances of seeing your oleander thrive once the beautiful days return.


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