When To Buy A Christmas Tree To Ensure It Is Majestic On December 24th?

Posted on Nov 22, 2023 at 6:04 pm by Oliver C

The end-of-year holidays are approaching and you want to have a beautiful Christmas tree in your living room to brighten up your celebrations. However, it is often difficult to find the perfect time to buy it so that it is in perfect shape on the big day. So, what is the best time to buy and decorate your Christmas tree? Here are our tips for successfully completing this delicate mission.

Choosing the right species of tree

First of all, it is important to choose the right species of tree, as not all trees are equal in terms of durability and resistance once cut. Among the different varieties sold in France, three stand out:

  • The common spruce: typical of French forests, the spruce tree is known for its characteristic smell. However, its needles fall quickly once the tree is cut and placed indoors.
  • The Nordmann fir: highly prized for its longevity, the Nordmann fir tree loses its needles less quickly than other species. Its conical shape also makes it the perfect Instagrammable tree.
  • The Noble fir and the blue spruce: although less common in France, these trees are appreciated by some people for their beauty and originality.

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Remember to check the freshness of the tree before buying it by gently pulling on the needles: if they resist, it means that it is still healthy.

When to buy your Christmas tree?

Now that you know which species of tree to choose, it’s time to consider the timing. Here are some tips for each type of tree:

  • For a Nordmann fir: Early December is ideal. This tree, popular for its longevity and ability to retain its needles, remains in good condition until Christmas and beyond.
  • Noble or Blue fir trees: Wait until mid-December. These varieties, although beautiful, lose their luster more quickly.
  • Spruce tree: This is an option for those seeking the characteristic smell of Christmas, but it is best to buy it only a week before Christmas due to its tendency to quickly lose its needles.
  • Douglas fir: Buy it about two weeks before Christmas. This tree, easy to decorate and with a pleasant fragrance, offers good durability. Consider a Christmas tree decoration that harmonizes with its natural charm and the magic of the holidays.


Good to know:

If you prefer artificial trees, know that they are available all year round and have the advantage of not losing their needles. That being said, they will never replace the charm of a real Christmas tree.

Extending the life of your tree

Once you have found the ideal tree, it is essential to take care of it so that it retains its beauty until the end of the holidays. Here are some tips:

  • Keep it away from heat sources: radiators and fireplaces accelerate needle loss, so it is important to choose a cool and well-ventilated location.
  • Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near a window: direct light can fade the colors and dry out the tree.
  • Do not overload your tree: too many heavy decorations can weaken its branches, opt for lightweight and well-distributed accessories.
  • Water your tree regularly: if you have chosen a cut tree, remember to moisten the base of the trunk every two days or so to prevent it from drying out.

By following these tips, you will be sure to have a resplendent Christmas tree throughout your festivities. Remember that the most important thing is to share these precious moments with your loved ones and fully enjoy the end-of-year holidays. Happy holidays to all!


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