Which Natural Fertilizers Are Recommended For Nourishing A Fig Tree And Boosting Next Year’s Harvest?

Posted on Dec 9, 2023 at 2:03 pm by Oliver C

The fig tree is one of the most wonderful fruit trees that exists. In order to allow this tree to develop normally, it is essential to maintain and nourish it by providing the best natural fertilizers.

Thunder Fertilizer

Thunder Fertilizer is a completely natural fertilizer that provides your fig tree with all the nutrients it needs, both to develop its root system, produce beautiful figs, and remain vigorous.


Alternative: banana peel

This natural fertilizer for the fig tree is very rich in potassium. To use the banana peel as fertilizer, simply cut the peel into small pieces and bury it at the base of the fig tree. It will then need to be watered occasionally. Thus, the potassium contained in the banana peel will enrich the soil and allow your fig tree to develop quickly.

In addition to this fertilization, do not forget the importance of effectively winterizing your fig tree to ensure its survival and vigor until the next growing season.

Alternative: eggshells

Eggshells are particularly rich in calcium, a mineral necessary for the growth of the fig tree. This natural fertilizer provides protection against potential diseases and stimulates growth. To use eggshells, first dry them for one or two days. Then, you can grind them using a coffee grinder or a rolling pin.

  • Rich in calcium
  • Stimulate growth
  • Protection against diseases

Alternative: coffee grounds

One of the best natural alternatives for the fig tree is the residue from the coffee filter. Coffee grounds are therefore an essential natural fertilizer for the development and beautification of the fig tree. To use it as a natural fertilizer, simply pour the coffee grounds at the base of your fig tree and water it frequently so that it mixes with the soil.

Alternative: wood ashes

Wood ashes are among the best natural fertilizers that work well for fig trees. Thanks to their composition, they accelerate the growth of fig trees and also improve their appearance. To use them, simply pour a quantity of wood ashes at the base of the fig tree and water it regularly.

You also have the option of mixing wood ashes with water and then watering your garden or the location where you have planted the fig tree.

Alternative: cooking water

Cooking water is a very effective natural fertilizer for plant cultivation that many people are unaware of its benefits. These waters are immensely rich in mineral salts, vitamins, and several other nutrients that allow fig trees to grow easily.

To use it, simply let the cooking water cool down and then use it to water the fig tree.

Feel free to try these natural and environmentally friendly alternatives to ensure optimal growth of your fig tree.


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