Here’s How To Properly Winterize Your Terrace And Ensure Your Plants Are In Good Condition Next Year After Winter.

Posted on Dec 14, 2023 at 12:03 pm by James T

Winter has arrived and with it, an atmosphere of calm and well-being. It’s time to enjoy the shorter days and spend time outdoors by winterizing your terrace.

Whether you are a plant lover or a beginner, here are four essential tips to protect and prepare your terrace for winter like a pro.

1/ Cleaning and weeding: the first step

Cleaning is the first essential step to prepare your terrace for winter. Remove dead leaves, broken branches, and other debris that has accumulated on the surface. Also, get rid of weeds that could damage your plants by growing around them. Once this step is completed, consider fertilizing the soil to encourage plant growth during the winter season.

2/ Protect your plants from the cold

Most plants experience some loss of vigor in winter, but there are simple ways to protect your terrace from the harshness of the weather.

Also, explore how to protect your balcony plants in winter to keep them healthy.

Use a winter cover to protect fragile plants and reduce their stress from freezing and drought. Also, protect the soil around the plants by adding a layer of mulch to reduce the effects of freezing and wind on their roots.

Choose the right materials

  • Opt for a breathable winter cover that allows air and water to circulate while protecting the plant from the cold.
  • Prefer organic mulch, such as pine bark or wood chips, which will decompose over time and provide nutrients to the soil.


3/ Adopt hanging pots and baskets to maximize protection

Hanging pots and baskets are an excellent solution to keep your plants sheltered from winter weather conditions. You can place them on a table or a tree to isolate them from the cold and wind, or hang them inside a canvas or felt shelter. Also, use mulch in the pots to cushion the effects of freezing and wind and protect the plant roots.

Regular maintenance

In addition to regularly cleaning your terrace, remember to trim hedges, remove faded flowers, and cover sensitive plants with a winter cover. Meticulous maintenance will ensure the protection of your plants and allow you to enjoy a comfortable and welcoming outdoor space during this season.

4/ Create a cozy corner to relax

Once your terrace is ready to face winter, don’t forget to create a space where you can enjoy these outdoor moments, even when it’s cold. Create a corner with warm cushions and blankets, add some candles or lanterns for a cozy atmosphere, and install a fire pit or outdoor heater if needed.

Illuminate the long winter evenings

  • Opt for fairy lights or solar lamps to illuminate your terrace and create a warm atmosphere.
  • Choose winter-flowering plants or evergreen foliage to bring color and life to your terrace throughout the season.

By following these four simple tips, your terrace will be ready to welcome winter with serenity. Take care of your plants and fully enjoy this time to savor the joys of outdoor spaces, even when it’s cold!


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