How Often Should We Change Our Children’s Sheets For Quality Sleep?

Posted on Nov 23, 2023 at 10:04 am by Oliver C

Depending on their age, a child spends between 8 and 12 hours in their bed. It is therefore essential to respect appropriate washing cycles for our little ones’ sheets. Without a precise maintenance routine, your child’s sheets can quickly become a giant playground for bacteria, germs, and dust mites.

Indeed, at night, your child sweats, creating a humid environment that is favorable for the multiplication of germs. Every night, on their sheets, your little angel leaves behind hair, dust, fur, and dead skin cells, providing an ideal space for bacteria and dust mites to thrive.

More than just a matter of hygiene, this situation can lead to health problems in young children. If your child suffers from asthma or allergies, these symptoms can be exacerbated. Even if they do not yet have allergy or asthma symptoms, poorly maintained sheets can be the cause of certain allergic reactions.

Ventilate the room to avoid moisture buildup

The moisture produced by your child in their room cannot be properly eliminated if the room remains constantly closed. To avoid excessive moisture buildup, it is advisable to ventilate your child’s room daily, just as you would for an adult’s room. The ideal option is to open the window in the morning upon waking up for at least 10 minutes to allow for maximum evaporation.

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What are the consequences of poor sheet maintenance?

Failure to follow these recommendations can lead to various problems:

  • Proliferation of bacteria and dust mites: this can cause various respiratory and skin disorders in your child.
  • Appearance of mold: the presence of moisture promotes the growth of microscopic fungi. This can cause serious health problems for your child. Furthermore, it is essential to change mattresses every 10 years to preserve your comfort and sleep quality.
  • Deterioration of sleep: sleeping in an unhealthy environment can disrupt your child’s rest and growth.


Tips to improve the condition of their sheets

Here are some additional tips to ensure the hygiene of your child’s bed:

  • Regularly dust the room: vacuum and dust the furniture at least once a week.
  • Maintain an ideal temperature: the ideal temperature for a room is between 18 and 20°C, so remember to also control the humidity in the room.
  • Invest in quality sheets: prioritize cotton or linen sheets, which are naturally absorbent and breathable.

Adopt an appropriate washing routine for children’s sheets

In addition to regularly airing out the room, it is crucial to follow an appropriate washing schedule for the sheets. For both children and adults, two cycles are recommended:

  • If bathing takes place in the morning: it is preferable to change the sheets once a week and wash them at 60°C.
  • If bathing occurs before bedtime: you can space out the washing cycles to every 15 days, always using water at 60°C.

By following these tips and maintaining an appropriate maintenance routine, you will allow your children to enjoy restful sleep in a healthy and clean environment.


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